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4 inspiring companies for excellence

4 companies with customer support and/or product design so good that you want to reach their level of expertise.
Businesses build a strong customer bases by caring about them, quality and efficiency.

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Why we don't do Java/.Net

A lot of people ask us why we don't deploy web "apps".
First, let's make it clear, to us, there is no such thing as a web "app". There are web interfaces, web pages, web services, but no web apps.
We are developers, we are not web masters. Those are two different jobs, nice jobs, but different.

To us, an app offers the following characteristics:

  • It's a standalone application that runs on your computer or device, requiring nothing more that data files or a database, should they be a mix of local and/or remote resources.
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TiltSoft Enhanced Website

TiltSoft Enhanced Website

The website has been ported to a new modern theme and fixed most glitches.

Now you can experience it on each kind of screen form factors.

TiltSoft New Website

Streamlined responsive website

Today, TiltSoft™ released a new version of its website.

Not only is it now responsive to accommodate all types of screen real-estate, but it's streamlined to focus on core competences rather than just geophysical data processing.

Our panel of fields has grown so much that we needed to make TiltSoft more concise on what it has to offer.

iPad EXIF Changer - 1.14

A minor facelift to the application and a few bug fixes.


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