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EXIF Date Changer for iPad™

The Apple iPad™ is a great device. Especially for showing pictures to the public.
Unfortunately, Windows™ users have a problem organizing the images in the order they want.
The iPad™ automatically organizes the pictures by faces, by locations (using GPS tags) or by albums
based on the timestamp of the pictures.

Thus, mixing your pictures with a friend's ones, will display a totally mixed album according to the time they were separately shot.

On a Macintosh, you can organize the albums with Photo, but on a Windows™ PC you're out of luck.
Here is a small utility to change this. Since the iPad™ will base everything on the date/time stamp of the picture, let's change it in an ascending order for each picture so they will appear in the order YOU have chosen.
This is just a quick workaround, nothing fancy, but it will let you achieve what you want.

1- In the current version, you have to rename the files you want in your album, so they will be organized alphabetically.
For example, name them 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, etc. or Seattle001.jpg, Seattle002.jpg, etc…

2- Drag those files into the listbox of the application

3- Click the Process Files button.

You have a choice to overwrite your existing pictures (the quality won't be affected, but work on copies only), prefix the new pictures with
iPad_ or suffix them with _iPad (or whatever you chose).
Those are the resulting files that you will then transfer to the iPad™.

Download EXIF Date Changer for iPad™

Use at your own risks. Do not work on original pictures, only on copies.

TiltSoft can't be responsible for any data loss or malfunction occurring or induced by the use of this tool.
It is provided as a workaround to the iPad™ community.
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