Quality Cross Platform Software Development

TiltSoft works only with professional products.

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Development Environment

Our software are written in C++ and Delphi ObjectPascal using Embarcadero Rad Studio XE cross platform compilers.
You get
native desktop, iOS and Android applications, not something relying on poorly optimized managed engines like .NET or Java.

NexusDB Logo


For Desktop applications requiring databases, we use as set of dabatbases:

  • Embedded fast and efficient NexusDB

  • SQLite for desktop as well as mobile solutions

  • Interbase fast, encrypted and small footprint for cross-platform solution (license fees)

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Performance Formulas

For formula manipulations (windows desktop applications), we use UCalc in order to process your formulas in an near compiled speed time.

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Fluid Software

We don't believe in bloated slow applications. That's why we provide real compiled solutions, not Java or .NET crawling applications that need another layer to be interpreted. We believe in efficient and optimized solutions.

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