Quality Cross Platform Software Development

Core Competences - Cross Platform and Data Crunching

3D Altitude Graphic Illustration
In a data-centric world, you are overwhelmed by data from many sources.
You want to process those data, format them in order to turn them into something easily understandable?
We are this interface: raw data or ugly columns of numbers turned into charts (2D, 3D, animated).

We focus on data acquisition, processing and analyzing.
We even provide ways to let the end user handle formulas to process their own data

That's why
TiltSoft is very flexible to match your requirements.

We can adapt to the acquisition models and hardware, as well as the way you want to process the data, and of course the way you want it to be shown and/or exported.
We love number crunching, so
you benefit from this passion.
(*)This is available only for Windows-based applications

Solutions - for data handling

TiltSoft™ is specialized in data acquisition, processing, analyzes, and representation.

Even though we are efficient in all kind of developments, that specific domain is our field of expertise.
That’s why you are in good hands, should you need number crunching

We don't collect data from you, we present ours.