Quality Cross Platform Software Development

Custom Development

If you need an application to be customized or written from the ground up to match your needs, you will need to buy an off-shore development package.


If not determined as a flat rate per project, you can hire our team for a CHF180.00/hour rate, or CHF1,400.00/day.

TiltSoft™ contributes to Humanitarian Aid and provides help for governmental institutions with discounted rates.
If you’re a governmental agency, do not hesitate to specify this when contacting us.

To avoid fluctuations, prices are now in Swiss Francs (CHF) only.

TiltSoft™ Monitor License

The TiltSoft™ Monitor application can be bought directly from TiltSoft™.
For any license, you will receive the core application that works with a basic configuration to which you have to comply with (file formats and naming conventions).
Contact us for more details about that.

On Site Training

If the contractor requires our presence on site, volcano observatory, industry, etc... in order to define the specifications and/or to install the application, train the users, the cost is a flat price of CHF 1,400.00/day.
All expenses for trips, housing, food, transport, etc... are to be fully covered by the contractor.
Trips over 5 hours for a stay shorter than 12 days are invoiced in business class.
Check the
contact page if you want more information.

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