tiltsoft history
who is it?
Steve Jordi Picture at Lost Lake, Oregon with Mt Hood Volcano in the background
Steve at Lost Lake in front of Mt Hood Volcano (Oregon, USA)

TiltSoft™ was originally created by Steve Jordi, a Swiss Geophysicist specialized in volcano monitoring (Nicaragua, Alaska, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, USA, Guatemala… and more).

He started software development back in 1980 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, and walked the path to a University M.Sc. in Geophysics, from the University of Geneva.

As his skills improved overtime, he was more and more involved in specific software developments ways outside his initial scope, and his products now run on Windows, Mac OS/X, iOS and Android platforms.

Steve is now involved in cross-platform DVD Databases, CRM (Customer Relation Manager), Private Residence Rentals and many other projects.

His passion reflects directly on TiltSoft™ relation to its customers and products.

TiltSoft - A History
interested in more details?

Steve’s Resumé can be downloaded here

tiltsoft time history
  • 1993

    TiltSoft Birth

    Preparing collaboration with the US Geological Survey on volcano monitoring software. TiltSoft was born.
  • 1994

    Volcano Monitoring

    Officially providing Volcano Monitoring and broader Geophysical Data Processing software.
    TiltSoft starts full throttle.
  • 1998

    Wider Software Fields

    Expending software fields outside of geophysical domains.
    TiltSoft becomes a full consulting freelance solution for any Windows-based software.
  • 2013

    Cross Platform

    TiltSoft now provides cross-platform native applications for Windows 32/64, macOS, iOS and Android.

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