what is tiltsoft
a software partner

TiltSoft™ is a company originally specialized in computerized volcano surveillance and monitoring solutions, but it offers expertise on wider horizons than number crunching.

We provide solutions for:

  • Lists management

  • Owners Vacation rentals management

  • Freelance/SOHO time management

  • Freelance/SOHO contact management

  • Scientific applications

Our solutions are native applications for Windows 32/64, macOS, iOS and Android.

TiltSoft™ also has strong expertise in monitoring: data acquisition, data processing, data analysis, data representation.

With that strong background, we are poised to process all your needs.

Acquisition also positioned us into the emerging and fast-growing world of Internet of Things (IoT). More and more intelligent devices and beacons are spread around the world. We are ready and experienced in that field.

We also have security at heart in order to limit the threats of these new technologies in order to avoid hacking and personal data leaks.

TiltSoft - What Is TiltSoft

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