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list manager for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android - Coming Soon
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TiltShopper iOS & Android

TiltSoft™ TiltShopper is a simple application to manage your lists on the go.
Whether you want to build shopping lists, travel items, movies or books to buy, this flexible application makes your life simpler.
Prepare and use your lists directly on your iOS or Android device, or for more convenience on your macOS or Windows desktop. Sync everything over wifi, iCloud or DropBox and you're good to go.
TiltShopper will be available on the different stores or directly from us.

Note: TiltShopper is not released yet, still in the making. Stay tuned for more information.
You will not have to create an account with us, use the web and required an internet connection to use (except for syncing). You will not rent this software with a monthly cost.

TiltSoft - Software Development - Tilt Shopper List Manager software

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