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specific developments
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If you need a tailored solution to match your needs, from a human-sized company close to the customers, then TiltSoft™ is there for you.
We specialize in scientific applications, as well as business ones, should it be CRM (Customer Relation Manager), property management, etc…

If you need a generic version of our data acquisition application to be customized to match your specific needs, you will need to buy an off-shore development packages to tailor the application for your requirements (like proprietary data file formats, links to industrial devices, ...)

No matter what are your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your project and find a solution.

on site training (english or french)
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Training for your applications can be provided on site if required, or via Skype-like video webinars.

For the volcano monitoring needs, this covers both the deployment of instruments to the field and the interfacing with the
TiltSoft™ Monitor software.
Classes also cover each of the rich functionalities of the software.

TiltSoft™ takes proud in training your users, technicians or customers in a way that they understand the product we will deliver for you.
We never teach classes where the audience works on generic applications, they work only on YOUR solution, the real thing, the real design, the real data, the real logos, etc… This way, they will not be lost in a software that they don’t visually recognize.

TiltSoft™ manages all the hard work of handling data for you. It's just a few drag and drop away to configure and display charts.
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government agencies advice
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Expertise level brings us to advise government councils or departments like in the USA, Japan, Estonia.
Numerical expertise, robotics, code security, micro-mobility, communication safety and compliance, etc...

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