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Real application vs web portal? Why we don't do Java/.Net/PHP

A lot of people ask us why we don't deploy web "apps".
First, let's make it clear, to us, there is no such thing as a web "app". There are web interfaces, web pages, web services, but no web apps.
We are developers, we are not web masters. Those are two different jobs, nice jobs, but different.

To us, an app offers the following characteristics:

  • It's a standalone application that runs on your computer or device, requiring nothing more that data files or a database, should they be a mix of local and/or remote resources.
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iPad EXIF Changer - 1.14

A minor facelift to the application and a few bug fixes.


iPad EXIF Changer - 1.13

iTunes 10.6.3x again changes the way pictures are imported into the iPad.

Once again, the filenames are not used to sort them.

That's why this utility is again helpful.

iPad EXIF Changer - 1.12

1.12 Fixes a date/time problem for non US regional settings.

When used on non-US PCs, the date format caused problems and the utility

didn't correctly process the files.

It has been fixed by forcing the date/time format to be US-formatted no matter what.

Finally, filename CasE is Now PreSERved... Sorry about forcing to lowercases.

iPad EXIF Changer - 1.11

1.11 can now handle JPG files that don't have EXIF headers.

If the EXIF header doesn't exist, it's created and added to the file.

Then date/time info can be injected in your file.

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